Boats must have a coating on their surfaces which provide greater security to a particular area or general level to move from one point to another without having to worry about a small incident that makes your day a bad experience.
It is for this reason that in the specialist shops in the nautical area supply products such as the marine carpet aggressor true mica are a product quite requested which allows a wide comfort within the various spaces in which it has a surface that allows this adaptation.

Statistically the marine carpet is one of the most requested articles within the different websites that aim to offer consumers products dedicated to comfort on board boats that may come to have.

These have a unique style which highlight the personality of each boat and its respective owner, these can be seen especially in those that are used for various water sports. This is due to its great durability and resistance.

In the page of they can be acquired of very simple form which allows to all the people to observe the different models and colors of carpets for boats that are available in the stock to have a greater variety in line.

Characteristics of this product

Thanks to the high valuation offered by customers this article has won a considerable offer allowing an optimal discount for those who wish to take advantage of it to cover the most transited areas of their ships.

The aggressor true mica marine carpet 2,44 x 7,62m must be applied with a solvent-free glue on the surface to be protected so that it does not lose its impermeable capacities and does not slip after being placed in its place.

carpet for boats

They have a weight of about 31gr per 0.8m2 so it will not affect the performance even if you decide to cover each surface of your boat, these are manufactured from a synthetic material called polypylene which is a derivative of plastic that has impermeable qualities.

The back of these are made with gray tufloc, this meets the high quality standards required by the community of sailors for a greater safety protocol ensuring that they do not represent any risk before or after installation.

It is ideal for sport boats since it offers a unique and personal style to each vehicle, even allowing a safe surface to be built for those who practice nautical skiing since it has the quality of being non-slip to avoid possible accidents.

In the online store offers an order service that will allow you to receive at the door of your home your aggressor marine carpet, which has instructions in each language to make easier its installation allowing to change the appearance of your ship.

It’s time to renew the aesthetics of your boat, allow it to have a useful and practical decoration as well as elegant that will give you a comfortable and safe surface to walk through each space on your deck. Don’t wait any longer to renew your boat’s furniture, chairs and new tables to enjoy your boat more!

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