The nautical rope guides are elementary accessories that are part of the boat, manufactured in resistant and anticorrosive materials, so that they can be completely stainless to their constant exposure to water and salt possessed by the sea.

These nautical pieces fulfill the function of protecting the lines, considering that they are exposed to many elements that can cause damage and provide great problems to the boat. That is why it is very important to have this type of parts on boats.

Function through a very simple system that provides a guide to the cape to which it belongs, as these elements tend to acquire high stresses to be attached to a boat and need the help of parts such as boat guides for proper operation.

Its purpose is to protect the ends of your boat, prevent damage caused by friction and damage to the deck, in addition to avoiding the marks that can suffer the ends during use and allows the mooring lines have a longer durability.

Being fixed to the deck, are pieces that have a large number of shapes and sizes, with the intention of being able to avoid at all times that the rope loosens or comes out, thus preventing an incident on the deck of the boat.

An important fact about these pieces is that they are manufactured mostly by chromed metals or aluminum, managing to avoid corrosion that can cause constant contact with salt water and avoid that the ropes may suffer some kind of defect over time.

Be sure to protect your boat’s lines with the right accessory.

Used as main tools to moor the lines, the ship’s rope guides are of great importance in the boats for the utility that can be granted in the internal or external part of the boats, providing the grip of the necessary rope.

Of course, these tools comply with certain beneficial characteristics that are essential to be able to identify them and be able to obtain the advantages of installing them in a boat. And those characteristics are:

They are made of anticorrosive metals, providing a longer life to the piece and avoiding any safety risk inside or outside the boat.

They are essential to keep the boat firm, being a very important piece.

They are fastened on the deck with the interior of the boat.

There are a large number of shapes and sizes.

And now, thanks to you will be able to find a great variety of sets of guides perfect for your boat, besides finding the variety that can be adapted in the best way and to the most economic price.

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